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ODS_HOTLIGHT not working...

Hi, for some reason I can't make the ODS_HOTLIGHT flag on the DRAWITEMSTRUCT work! When I debugged, I didn't recieve any message when i hover my mouse over the button, it's as if the flag doesn't exist or something. I also read somewhere (CodeGuru i think) that the ODS_HOTLIGHT flag is only used for combo and list boxes... I need help ASAP. Thanks. Btw, here's the code (just a small piece of it):

pdis = (LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT) lParam ;

switch(pdis->CtlID) // checks the control item of child...
case ID_MINUS:
if(pdis->itemState & ODS_HOTLIGHT) // case mouse hover {
SelectObject (hdcBitmap, hbitmaps.minus.down) ;
BitBlt(pdis->hDC, 0, 0, 30, 30, hdcBitmap, 0, 0, SRCCOPY) ;
return 0 ;

P.S.: sorry for the lack of organization, this edit box is really annoying to use.

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