Calling functions in other dialogs.

Hello everyone,

I'm having some (or a lot) trouble with some dialogs. Basically, I have a group of tabs (File, Options, OS_Attitude, and two that aren't important) such that the Tabs dialog calls and creates OS_Attitude. Under Options, I have some settings regarding logs and modes. Long story short, is there a way to have OS_Attitude call functions that are in the Tabs file?



  • [color=Blue]Without code I can't really answer this, however, generally, the dialog objects where you need to call a function should be existing objects at run-time. Or you need to declare the methods you are going to call as 'static'.

    However, if some different dialogs are using same functionality and you put that functionality into just ONE of the dialogs - then you need to review your design - most likely it has issues. In cases like this, you need to create a component, which does the functionality as a separate component (a class) and then create that class instance BEFORE you creating the dialogs. Then when creating dialogs you pass the component reference to the dialogs so it can be used inside of any dialog's code.[/color]
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