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Can I make a form at runtime change into design mode?

chdismechdisme Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

Can I make a form at runtime change into design mode in .Net framework 3.5?

For example: when users run my form, they can change a position of the controls (of course with the rule like design mode), and can change a properties of the controls .. (like design mode).

Can I just config this function in .Net framework? not coding so much?

Thanks a lot,


  • PsightoplazmPsightoplazm Member Posts: 332 ✭✭
    you "can" make your forms do anything - but no, there isn't just switch to flip to make this happen. The functionality you are describing is a part of your code editor.

    If you wanted to look into your IDE library - there may be some resonably uncomplicated way to tap into some of the IDE's functionality?
  • tprogextprogex Member Posts: 13
    This post has been deleted.
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