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How good is access table ?

honest_dudehonest_dude Member Posts: 93
I need to store a lots of record and I am just wondering if ms access can accommodate my needs. Can anyone tells how many record access table can hold. I use officeXP.



  • dokken2dokken2 Member Posts: 532
    Around 100,000-200,000 records is a practical
    limit, at that point performance slows down.

    You can run your own tests, build a table
    and fill it with 16 real world records. Then
    run an insert/append query to add records
    to the same table,


    INSERT INTO Table1 ( text, text2 )
    SELECT Table1.text, Table1.text2
    FROM Table1;

    and run it 10-15 times. Each time you will
    double the records and exponentially slow
    down table performance.
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