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Difference between String and String()

Can someone explain the difference between
String type and String() type.


  • PsightoplazmPsightoplazm Member Posts: 332 ✭✭
    From the way you formatted your question I am unable to deterimine what you wanted to know...

    So, there is a "String" type and a "string" type.

    there is actually no difference between these. "string" is merely a keyword that is mapped to the "String" class. If you work where I work the rule is to always use "string" for consistency.

    If what you meant to ask was what it means when you see
    string m = new String();

    then the String() is something called a constructor. In order to instantiate any class you must use a constructor. In most cases the constructor will not need any parameters passed into it so you will just see "new classname()"

    The constructor is always accessed as a method that shares the same name as the class that is being constructed.

    so for example:
    public class Point
    public Point()
    // here is the constructor
  • magenamamagenama Member Posts: 3
    I am following VB.NET class from Programmers
    Heaven website. I coded following code

    Dim sentence As String = "Learning VB.Net"
    Dim split As String() = sentence.Split(New [Char]() {" "c})

    We define sentence As String not String class
    But then we call Split method on sentence

    Shouldn't I define sentence as
    Dim sentence As String() ?
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