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Searching a Database

SquillsPCSquillsPC Member Posts: 1
hello, I am using bcb6 and was hoping for some inside secrets to searching a database, The one I am searching has 164000 records, and takes time to search. Is there a way to make it remember a certain search, for example half have 202 and half have 203 in one of the fields. Could it be set up to remember what rows only have 203?

Is there a way to have it start at row 100,000 in stead of table1->First();

Got any other ideals to make it search faster?

Next question, If i have one database, and say 10 (max) people are searching it at same time would it crash? would I need to add something so only one person can search at a time? if so what?

last of all when i do a form wizard it ask if i want to make a table or quarry, is one faster then the other? what is the difference?
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