How to modify/add new properties in VE?


I want to customize "Generation of the Code" while I drop a component
for creation in Visual Editor (Eclipse 3.2). The tasks I want to perform are:

1. When I drag any component on the screen, I want only the desired properties to be shown in the properties view tab. This includes changing in the existing properties to some default values too.
E.g: My class is extending JButton and want that only 10 props of JButton to be shown and that too with the desired values.
How can this be achieved? Does this require change in the VE source code?

2. Also I would like to add some new properties to my component.
E.g: My class is extending JButton and I want that it should have 'border' prop also in the properties tab when I drag it on to the screen.

I have created a plug-in to add the new palette but can't figure out how to modify/add the properties? Can anybody help me regarding this.

Thanks & Regards,
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