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stuck using .getline() and .get URGENT

So the assignment is to read in numbers from a .txt file and return a histogram. The symbol is to be found in the .txt file. I'm having trouble reading in the symbol.

The format of it is: S * Where I'm supposed to skip the "S" and the whitespace.

Here's the code I have so far

using namespace std;

int bin[20];

int main(){

char file[50], new_file[50];
char peek;
char junk[100],S;
char symbol;
ifstream input;
ofstream output;
int i,j, data;

cout << "Enter the file you wish to open: ";
cout << "What would you like to save the file as?: ";
cin >> new_file;;

cout<<"Open Failed"<<endl;
while((peek = input.peek())!=EOF){
if(peek == '#'){
input.getline(junk, 100);
\if(peek == 'S'){
\ input.getline(symbol);
\ do{
\ input.get(symbol);
\ }while(symbol == ' ');

input >> data;
cout << "Value = " << data << endl;
cout << endl << endl;
output << "Input File: " << file << endl << endl;
for(j=20; j>=0; j--){
cout << setw(3) << (j*5) << "|";
output << setw(3) << (j*5) << "|";
for(i=0; i<20; i++){
if(bin[i] > (j*5)){
cout << setw(3) << symbol;
output << setw(3) << symbol;
cout << " ";
output << " ";
cout << "|" << endl;
output << "|" << endl;
cout << " ---------------------------------------------------------------" << endl;
output << " ---------------------------------------------------------------" << endl;
cout << " ";
output << " ";
for(i=1; i<=20; i++){
cout << setw(2) << (i*5) << " ";
output << setw(2) << (i*5) << " ";
cout << endl << endl;
output << endl << endl;

return 0;

With the problem being in the area that I put in comment lines.

Apparently I'm supposed to use two different getline() functions to do this, but either through getlines or if statements, I just need it to work. My teacher hasn't explained how to use the getline function in class and it's due tomorrow before class...thanks
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