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ElinElin Member Posts: 2
I am upgrading from an older version of Visual Studio to Visual Studio Express 9.0. In my code I have #include . This causes an error. Does anyone know how to solve this?


  • Malcolm_McLeanMalcolm_McLean Member Posts: 254 ✭✭
    The header has probably been discontinued.

    Strip out the #include, and recompile. You should then get errors telling you where you have called the associated functions. You then need to look them up in the documentation, or do a web search to see if there are any equivalents.

    A quick search turned up that tapi.h had been rolled into the rest of the SDK. However I am not familiar with the library.
  • ElinElin Member Posts: 2
    When I created the project, Visual Studio left the "Preprocessor Definitions" blank. When I put in "WIN32;_DEBUG;_WINDOES" it compiled OK.
    Thanks for the response.

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