Problems Converting Icons.

Hiya Im new to this Forum :)

Im Having a Problem in Vb6 Though. I Want to Load an Icon Into Vb6 and i understand that the Extension needs to either be .ico or .cur
I have some amazing Icons on my computer but there all .png, so i use a converter called "Any to Icon" But when i convert it to .ico, and load it in Vb, it says something like "Invalid Picture", It usually says this if i load an icon such as .bmp, I downloaded another icon converter but when it converts it, it loads in vb fine, but it looks really nasty after the conversion, the picture is blurred and nasty transparancy, and it just looks awful, is there any programs that will convert it into its original png forum but as an icon, and will still have its transparancy/vivid colours?

P.S, I looked at MSDN and it didnt help me at all.

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