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Saving Image as Blob

SquillsSquills Member Posts: 12
ok, I have been searching everywere, and seam to get alot of differnt input, just none have really answered my question. This is what I am trying to do.

I have a form with 3 buttons an image box and a edit box.

I type a name into the editbox "name of image"

press button1 and it opens dialog box so you can select a picture, (would like it to let me open jpeg files) and puts in a image box on the form. I can do most of this part, exept it does not give option to open jpeg files.

Next I want to click button 2 to save this image into the database as a blob type. It also saves the name which i was able to make that part work. (data base is setup and i am useing a paradox7 table)

Now when I click on button 3 it will search the database for the name of the picture I want (got this part down) and will add the image to the image box from the data base (NEED HELP ON THAT)

I hope i put enough info, if not maybe i can explain it more.
in simple, I want to save and load images from a data base. ANY WAY POSSABLE lol.


  • VampireFEVampireFE Member Posts: 36

    I can help you with the jpeg issue. You should include jpeg.hpp file and then you should be able to load jpegs to your image box:
    // ...

    About the database problem. I have no experience with that, but I found this topic in Delphi section:

    Maybe that gives you an idea how to do what you need to.

    Hope it helps :)
  • SquillsSquills Member Posts: 12
    Thanks, I belive adding the #include .jpg will work, but I think when i do the database like the other post said, i will get an error that says "cannot convert TPicture to TField"

    I am pretty sure ill get that error, only cause I think I have tried that, When I get back home I will try it anyhow and post update, Hopefully it works, Soooo tired of tring to figure this out.
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