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Language recognition using Neural Networks

rohandhruvarohandhruva Member Posts: 4

We have to select a project for our 3rd year engineering, and we have decided to implement a system which recognizes the language (from a sentence, paragraph, or a complete long text). We aim to do that using neural networks.

I am absolutely new to 'world' of neural networks. Is the project I have described above feasible? I have absolutely no idea of neural networks currently. We intend to 'train' the network using passages of languages first (English, Spanish, French etc), and then make it ready for recognition - is this how things work? Can someone please guide us further how to proceed?

We can use any software to implement this - MATLAB, C/C++, Java.. What would be the best tool for a newbie?


PS: Pardon me if this post is in the wrong forum, but I could not find any forum on PH dedicated to neural networks.
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