Convert set of images to pdf

Dear all,
I'd like to put many matlab fugures into a single .pdf file.
I thought an idea could be to make a loop to save all figures to image files by using imwrite and then use fwrite.
The prblem is that imwrite wants either a M-by-N (greyscale) or a
M-by-N-by-3 (truecolor) matrix to save the figure and I don't know I to reduce the matlabfigure I get to such a matrix. I tried with get, but I can only get the colormap as a useful information. No way I can save the figure to a single matrix.
Anyone could help?

Many thanks!



  • You have to open the figure, for example with the plot function, and without closing it code:

    print -dpdf

    it creates a pdf file with the figure inside.
  • go codeproject, it might can provide some useful information!
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