How to uninstall AdventureWorks sample databases?

How can I uninstall the AdventureWorks sample databases? They're not an application, so I can't do it via Add / Remove Programs or a downloaded uninstaller.

They're apparently corrupt, and they've been trouble from the git-go. The machine crashed when installing them. When I try to access them via SQL Server Management Studio, the machine crashes. When I try to reinstall them without uninstalling them, the machine crashes.

The setup prgram is SQL2008.AdventureWorks_All_Databases.x86.msi (yes, my machine is 32-bit) which I downloaded from, which a couple other folks have told me worked fine for them. And my installer is up to date, and the only system requirement (a correct version of Windows) has been met.

I don't want to guess which files I should delete manually - that could be inviting trouble.

In summary: help!

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