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Tab control client area?

SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USAMember Posts: 1,035
I've got a problem with a tab control that I am using in my latest pet-project. I get the client area of a specified tab using "TCM_GETITEMRECT", but it is returning the area occupied by the tab itself, not the content area below the tabs. How do I get that client area?
//Try to get the client area of the third tab
::SendMessage(hHandle, TCM_GETITEMRECT, (WPARAM)2, (LPARAM)&rBounds);
That's my current method, which works in getting a client area, but not the correct one. So how do I get the client area of the tab control. The client area below the tabs that you click on, that is.


I added a few lines of code to see what the client area was, and it returned something that was WAY off. Here's the code.
wchar_t pBuffer[256];
::wsprintf(pBuffer, L"X: %d, Y: %d, W: %d, H: %d", rBounds.left,, rBounds.right, rBounds.bottom);
::MessageBox(this->Handle(), pBuffer, L"Debug", MB_OK);
Those lines of code are right below the "SendMessage" line. I get back "X: 110, Y: 2, W: 177, H: 23". That maps to the second and third tab area, not the tab control client area. What in the world is wrong here?


I figured out that if I call "GetClientRect()" on the main tab control and not one of the tabs, that I get the entire client area, including the area occupied by the tabs. This is no good since the tab size may vary depending on a user's font size. I can hard-code the program to add 24 units to the top and subtract 26 from the bottom, as well as adding 2 units to the left and subtracting 4 from the right. This makes it work, but when you change font sizes or even styles, this screws everything up again. I need to know how to get just the USABLE client are of the tab control. I don't need the area where the tabs themselves are.

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