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New Thread, disregard last question

Garrett85Garrett85 Member Posts: 168
; Closes program after player presses ESC.
Graphics 640, 480

Text 0, 0, "Why did you open this program?"

;y is the variable that judges the location of the text
y = 12

;print text
Text 0, y, "Press Esc to exit."
;wait a sec
Delay 1000

;move next line of text down
y = y + 12

;repeat until user hits esc
Until KeyHit(1)
Text 0, y, "Program is ending."

In the above program, what causes the text to move down, I don't see it. I understand that the "12" is 12 pixels, but what's making it go down, I can't seem to find it? Thank.


  • anthrax11anthrax11 Member Posts: 511
    ;move next line of text down
    y = y + 12

    The text itself doesn't move down, but the next text is printed 12 pixels below where the first text was printed.
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