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E2141 Declaration Syntax Error

lenLasalalenLasala Member Posts: 5
Hi all,

I am getting a E2141 Declaration Syntax Error in a header file and I cannot see why, the project I have was written in version 5 (working just fine) and am now trying to compile in 2009.

class TfrmUsers : public TForm ---> E2141 error

does anyone have an idea as to why this error is being thrown?


  • LundinLundin Member Posts: 3,711
    Impossible to tell without the full code. My random guess is that vcl.h isn't included, or that they renamed the header.
  • lenLasalalenLasala Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for reply,

    vcl.h is included in source file, Directories and Conditionals are correct. RAD Studio has vcl.h so I don't think this is the problem.

    Other modules in the compile list compile with no error, there is nothing in the header file i can see that would throw a declaration syntax problem. I have attached the header file which causes the problem for you to look at hope you can see something I don't. The problem may also be option settings but there is nothing in the error message that points me in that direction.
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