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Organic SEO????????

Hi everyone,
Could anyone tell me what is the SEO and and other things related to it iam sorry but iam little new to such things..If I have a website so how I can promote it to Top Rank??

Thanks in Advance.!!



  • jameshudson45jameshudson45 Member Posts: 1
    Hey, I think you new here, anyway ..
    Search engine optimization is everything that can be done to make a search engine send more traffic to a web site.
    Usually this means defining keywords or key phrases and trying to have your web site listed first (or at least near first) for those key terms.
    Search engine optimization is usually divided into two categories of tasks:
  • mickeyymickeyy Member Posts: 7
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  • mickeyymickeyy Member Posts: 7
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  • mickeyymickeyy Member Posts: 7
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  • Codec8Codec8 Member Posts: 1
    I think the most important thing with SEO is actually off-page optimization. Once the basic on page-stuff is being taken care of (title tags, keywords, content value, images etc) is very important to show a presence through the internet. Sign up for websites and participate in forums, comment on blogs etc. When you do this you can get one backlink at a time and slowly but surely climb up the rankings in Google. If you do black hat methods though you will be penalized quickly.
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  • rovina123rovina123 Member Posts: 4
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  • DataPeopleDataPeople Member Posts: 1
    [u][b]Organic SEO:[/b][/u]

    [u][b]Organic SEO Definition:[/b][/u]
    The process of slowly but efficiently build websites and achieving natural ranking in search engines is called [link=]organic seo[/link] or in other sense seo(search engine optimization).Organic seo is very helpful natural techniques to show web sites to the potential visitors.
    [u][b]White Hat SEO:[/b][/u][/u]
    Organic seo is purely white hat seo tactics since it follows all the guide lines provided by the major search engines like google, yahoo, bing, ask and so on.

    [u][u][b]Organic SEO Principle:[/b][/u][/u]

    [b]On Page SEO:[/b]
    The basic principle of organic seo or seo is your web sites should have appropriate title tag, meta description, good relational links with informative content as well as related materials may be articles, blogs etc.

    [b]Backlinks/Off Page SEO:[/b]
    Backlinks are the golden diamond you can think for your final seo effort.Relevant links from authority sites can bring your web sites in the first page or even top 3 results in the search engines. So concentrate building links naturally rather than follow black hat seo which may influence your websites ranking.

    [u][b]Organic SEO Worth:[/b][/u]
    Here a link i provide where you can learn why [link=][b]organic seo[/b][/link] is worth for search engines rather than other seo tactics.
  • ScottJacksonScottJackson Member Posts: 1
    Organic seo (aka "white hat" seo) is good for your website's healthy, unlike artificial seo (aka "black hat" seo) which can be very, very bad for your website's health. Stick to organic! :)
  • GaryvonGaryvon Member Posts: 1
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  • melanie14melanie14 Member Posts: 4
    Organic SEO means to building of natural links at free of cost. There are different sources to build quality back links. Some of them are article submissions, directory submissions, blog posting, blog commenting, forum posting, Squidoo lense and Google knol.
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