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Using MFC and CListCtrl and adding icons in one column

justmeherejustmehere Member Posts: 4
am using Visual C++ 6.0 and MFC. I am using a dialog based project and would like to have a single column of icons so to speak (4 rows x 1 column) stacked one on top of another like the window on the left located at the following link

I have imported the icons into the resource section so these icons have IDs such as IDI_ICON1 and IDI_ICON2 and IDI_ICON3 and IDI_ICON4. I only want four (4) icons stacked in one single column.

Here is what I have tried thus far and it does not work. Nothing shows up in my CListCtrl window. No icons.

CImageList * myImageList = new CImageList;

myImageList->Create(32, 32, ILC_COLOR32, 0, 2) ;
m_mainlistview.SetImageList(myImageList, LVSIL_SMALL);


  • justmeherejustmehere Member Posts: 4
    Thanks everyone I've got it working. I've managed to insert icons with labels within my CListCtrl. Will post back if I run into more issues. Thanks.
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