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Coding a Sampler

I'd like to create a software sampler. I am a programmer with a little c# experience as well. I've been doing allot of researching and I'm a little confused on which 3rd party plugin to use. DirectSound, DirectMusic, ChucK, the list goes on and on...
I was excited when I came across DirectMusic, but it appears thats no longer used??? I'm not sure. What's the top of the line technology for developing a music player with all the basic music player functions today?

I have some specific needs, but the basics are:
- Play various audio file formats (mainly wav & mp3).
- volume control, pan, output meters
- ability to change the lows, mids & hi freq.
- ability to view the wave form.
- ability to slow down / speed up the music.
- midi functionality... meaning the ability to trigger a sample using a midi interface & controller.

Any guidance/direction would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
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