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DX runtime and Ball sample

MechiMechi Member Posts: 1
I compiled Amcap from the DirectX SDK (Windows SDK 6.1). The release and debug versions work on my computer - where I have the Windows SDK installed.
I installed DirectX runtime (rev Nov 2008) and ran DXsetup on a "clean" computer.
Amcap will not run - Error says not configured correctly and I should re-install the application.
What else do I have to do so that a simple DX application can run on any computer?
I also compiled the Ball example. I couldn't succeed registering (regsvr32) the Ball.dll on the client's computer.

BTW - I also wasn't able to register the release version of Ball.dll on my (developer's) computer.

Attached are the files I changed in the Ball example in order for it to be recognized as a VideoCaptureSource - for anyone else that needs it.

Can anyone shed light on some of these issues?
Thanks alot!
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