Drag and drop folders from windows explorer and catch the folder path


I'm new to Visual C++ 6. I'm creating a drag and drop control using a MFC ActiveX control wizard project. Then, I'm draging a folder (example:C:AC)) from windows explorer into another Xupload control (third party control) over the Microsoft ListView control version 6.

There I'm firing the [B]OleDragOver [/B]event. Within that event i want to catch that folder path which I'm putting into a const char* variable. This a part of the code Im using.

void CMy1DragNDropVer13PropPage::OnOLEDragOverListviewctrl1(LPDISPATCH FAR* Data, long FAR* Effect, short FAR* Button,
short FAR* Shift, float FAR* x, float FAR* y, short FAR* State)
I don
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