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SoapMapper: Restoring data into SoapMapper searchPolicyReturn failed

Hi there,

i have vb6 code that instantiates an MSSOAP.SoapClient, then, after i do the "SOAPClient.msoapinit urlWSDL", i invoke the remote method SOAPClient.searchPolicy(XMLin), and the following error is generated: "Invalid procedure call or argument", i found out that the property SOAPClient.faultstring has now this error string:"SoapMapper: Restoring data into SoapMapper searchPolicyReturn failed".

the code is:

Set SOAPClient = CreateObject("MSSOAP.SoapClient")
SOAPClient.mssoapinit urlWSDL
XMLOut = SOAPClient.searchPolicy(XMLIn)

anyway, after a contact with a responsible for the given service(searchPolicy), he said that, on log files a response exists! this means that a response is generated, however, i cannot find a way to correct the error and integrate the answer into XMLOut......

Can anybody help me?


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