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help om parameterized local report


I am very much a novice in .Net.. I started doing an application which uses reports. I am using report viewer control.My database is a .mdb(access) file. i just want add parameters to the report. The problem starts here. Through some browsing I found that Local Reports does not enjoy automatic prompting of parameters.I am very much hit by this and i cannot proceed further.
If I use the inbuilt sample sqlserver database everything works fine.

When I add filters to the dataset and execute the query it is also not prompting me 4 any value.I can understand what the problem is but do not know what should be done.

Please, Someone help me.
I am using:-
1)VS 2008
3)report viewer control
4)Access database

I also tried some codes for that with online help but in vain... I would be really glad if am getting any fruit......

thanks in advance
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