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Easy Sign-up Mod in PhpFoxMod

phpfoxsolutionphpfoxsolution Posts: 6Member
[b][italic][size=3]Purpose of PhpFoxMod[/size][/italic][/b]

[b][color=Blue][link=][/link][/color][/b] is provide [b]several plug-in[/b] for your new or existing site. It is written in [b][color=Blue][link=]PHP[/link][/color][/b] and [b]Smarty[/b]. Purpose of [b][color=Blue][link=]Phpfox[/link][/color][/b] is integrated to your existing application [b]to improve your business[/b]. We provide you lots of innovative [b][color=Blue][link=]plug-in[/link][/color][/b] to your site. Our plug-in provides the interface between your site and your system without making any changes in your existing files. It can be [b][color=Blue][link=]upgraded[/link][/color][/b] and customized your site with latest version which will not affect our plug-in functionality. We can [b][color=Blue][link=]integrate [/link][/color][/b]the plug-in with latest version so in future [b]no need to change your system[/b] or existing files in your site.

[b][color=Blue][link=]Easy Sign-up mod[/link][/color][/b] in phpfoxmod is one of our [b][color=Blue][link=]phpfox plug-in[/link][/color][/b]. It allows your members to fully complete the [b][color=Blue][link=]registration process[/link][/color][/b] without ever leaving your home page. This should dramatically [b]increase your sign up rate[/b] and improve user satisfaction.

No more searching for a [b][color=Blue][link=]sign up link[/link][/color][/b] AND the idea of joining will be right in their face from the very first second on the site. It also makes your site more esthetically pleasing by combining the login box and your [b][color=Blue][link=]signup box[/link][/color][/b] in one little unit. AGAIN, users can [b][color=Blue][link=]sign-up[/link][/color][/b] or login on the home page with NO navigation whatsoever. Below are some of the outstanding features of this mod.

[b][size=3][italic]Features of Easy Sign-up Mod:[/italic][/size][/b]

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