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i need help building heap class

babymanbabyman Posts: 2Member
I have not used c++ for long time as i am just minoring in computer science.
I had an assignment in which i was required to do the following:
You are asked to provide a C++ class to implement a MAX heap of integers.
Your class should have the appropriate constructors (including a copy-constructor)
and destructor. In addition, your class should provide the following operators and
(a) operator+ to allow for adding of two heaps (e.g., heap3 = heap1 +
heap2 results in heap3 contacting the element of heap1 and heap2).
(b) operator+ to allow for adding a single integer to a heap (e.g., heap2 =
heap1 + 5 results in heap2 containing the elements of heap and the value
(c) operator[] to allow for accessing the individual elements of the heap as
they were stored in a sorted array (e.g., heap[5] accesses the 5th largest
element in the heap).
(d) operator= to allow heap assignments (e.g. heap1 = heap2 = heap3)
(e) operator+= to allow heap assignments (e.g. heap1 += heap2 and
heap3 += 5)
(f) operator<< to allow for printing heaps on cout (e.g. cout << heap1
prints heap1 on cout).

Note: for an example of a basic MAX heap class see:

I built this code and need somebody to refer me 2 my mistakes. i really appreciate ur help.

header file:
#ifndef HEAP_H
#define HEAP_H

class heap
friend ostream &operator<<( ostream&, const heap & );

Type *array;
int MaxSize, Nel;
// Max. size of the heap, no. of elements
void Adjust(Type a[], int i, int n);
heap(int MSize):
heap (const heap &);
heap &operator+ (const heap &);
heap &operator+=(const heap &);
heap &operator+ (int );
operator=( const heap &);
operator[]( int);
bool Insert(Type item);
// Insert item.
bool DelMax(Type& item);
// Delete the maximum.

cpp file:
#include <iostream>
#include "heap.h"
using namespace std;

heap:: heap(int size)
array = new Type[MaxSize+1];

delete []array;

heap::heap (const heap &a)
array=new Type [MaxSize+1];
for (int i=0;i=MaxSize;i++)
friend ostream &operator<<( ostream &output, const heap &a)
int i;

// output private ptr-based array
for ( i = 0; i = a.MaxSize; i++ ) {
output << setw( 12 ) << a.array[ i ];

if ( ( i + 1 ) % 4 == 0 ) // 4 numbers per row of output
output << endl;

} // end for

if ( i % 4 != 0 ) // end last line of output
output << endl;

return output; // enables cout << x << y;

} // end function operator<<

const heap::heap &operator+ (const heap &heap1)
Type *array1;
int x=sizeof(heap1)/4;
for (int i=0;i=MaxSize;i++)
for (i=Maxsize;i=x+MaxSize;i++)
delete []array1;

const heap::heap &operator+=(const heap &right)
Type *array1;
array=new Type[MaxSize+1];
for (int i=0;i=MaxSize;i++)
delete []array;
Type *array;
array=new Type[MaxSize+1];
for (i=0;i=MaxSize1;i++)
for (i=MaxSize1+1;i=MaxSize;i++)

const heap::heap &operator+ (int x)

const heap &heap::operator=( const heap &right )
if ( &right != this ) // check for self-assignment
// for arrays of different sizes, deallocate original
// left-side array, then allocate new left-side array
if ( MaxSize != right.size )
delete [] array; // reclaim space
MaxSize = right.MaxSize; // resize this object
array = new int[ MaxSize ]; // create space for array copy

} // end inner if

for ( int i = 0; i < MaxSize; i++ )
array[ i ] = right.array[ i ]; // copy array into object

} // end outer if
return *this; // enables x = y = z, for example

} // end function operator=

int &heap::operator[]( int subscript )
// check for subscript out of range error
if ( subscript < 0 || subscript >= MaxSize ) {
cout << "
Error: Subscript " << subscript
<< " out of range" << endl;

exit( 1 ); // terminate program; subscript out of range

} // end if

return array[ subscript ]; // reference return

} // end function operator[]

bool heap::Insert(Type item)
{ // Inserts item.
int i = ++Nel;
if (i==MaxSize)
cout << "heap size exceeded"
<< endl;
return false;
while ((i>1) && (array[i/2]= a[j])
// A position for item is found.
a[j/2] = a[j];
j *= 2;
a[j/2] = item;

bool heap::DelMax(Type& item)
if (!Nel)
{ cout << "heap is empty"<< endl;
return false;
Adjust(array, 1, Nel);
return true;
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