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string reverse.. help..

the prOgram is abOut inputting a string and then the result will be its reversed string..

for example: insecure
the result must be "erucesni"

i have my cOde belOw..

help me please..

[color=Red].MODEL SMALL
.STACK 100h

MaxChars DB 10
NumChars DB 0
InputBuffer DB 'xxxx xxxx ' ; Room for 9 chars + CR
TextNumChars DB 'x',13,10,'$'

StringPrompt DB 'Type a line of text: $'
DisplayReverse DB 13,10,'Result: $',13,10

mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax
mov dx,OFFSET StringPrompt
mov ah,9
int 21h

mov dx,OFFSET MaxChars
mov ah,10
int 21h

mov dx,OFFSET DisplayReverse
mov ah,9
int 21h

mov si,OFFSET InputBuffer ; InputBuffer will

contain the entered characters

mov ah,4ch ; DOS terminate

program routine
mov al,0
int 21h

END start[/color]


that's it..

help me please..



  • m34tb34tm34tb34t Member Posts: 25
    I'm really tired and only spent 5 minutes on this... but I think I didn't make any terrible errors...

    ; assuming SI is already set to point to InputBuffer....
    cmp al,13 ; search for end of string
    jne findEnd
    mov di,si
    mov si,offset InputBuffer
    push di ; location of string terminator
    dec di ; minus 1 == last byte of string
    mov al,[si]
    mov ah,[di]
    mov [di],al
    mov [si],ah
    inc si
    dec di
    cmp si,di
    jb swapLoop
    pop di
    mov [di],'$' ; change CR to '$' for printing
    mov dx,offset InputBuffer
    mov ah,9
    int 21h
    I hope this isn't homework... at least the post is really old...
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