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excel vb arrays and data

I am new to coding but familiar with the principles and am looking for help on code to achieve the following:-
I have a single range of data (text) in columns A9:A90.
I have another single range, D8:L8, as column headings (text).
In between, D8:L90 I enter a number value which is a count of items associated with rows in the A9:A90 range, 0 to what ever...
So for example D9 may contain a 1, E9 a 5 and J40 a 3.
I am attempting to write code that takes this data and creates in new sheet individual rows for the total count within D8:L90 and associates them with corresponding values taken from A9:A90.
So where E9 contained a 5, output is
A9 data E8Heading (1)
A9 data E8Heading (2)
A9 data E8Heading (3)
A9 data E8Heading (4)
A9 data E8Heading (5)
I think it is straightforward (for gurus), I can now place data I need in arrays and get a count of contents of D8:D90. It is the transposition and associated moves to new sheet which are a big learning curve for me!
Any advice and pointers much appreciated...


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