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Hello everyone, here comes a post from your C/C++ moderator!

With all schools opening up again, the boards are flooded with homework questions and general code begging. We like to keep the C/C++ boards clean from this, and such posts are almost always deleted. The reason for this policy is that reading such posts over and over is quite annoying, especially for all of our forum readers who are kind enough to continously help out with replies. All the lurking coder veterans reading these forums are what makes the forums good, they are actually the very core of the site. Therefore I want to keep them as happy as possible, by providing a forum free from code begging and spam.

So please pay attention to the posting policies listed below "forum info" before you post on these boards. To make things clearer still, I made a post containing the posting policies as a "sticky", which can be found [link=]here[/link]. This applies to the main C/C++ board and all sub-boards.

This doesn't mean that you can't get help with your homework here, but you have to ask a specific question, such as "what is a linked list and how do they work?", "how do I use the function strstr()" etc etc. You can also post the code you have written and ask for help with it.

If you however copy/paste your homework assignment on the board, it will be deleted. Post that are asking for free code without any effort made by the poster will be deleted. Note that the same applies to everyone, if you are a beginner who is doing some homework or if you are a professional looking for free code doesn't matter. The forums isn't the right place to look.

If you aren't looking to learn anything yourself, but simply want help from a programmer, please use the job and wanted boards for that.

For free code, we have Codepedia etc that can be found below "resources" in the main site bar. It is also often quite easy to find free code by searching the web, or for Windows-related: searching Microsoft's tech site MSDN.


  • Hear, hear!

    Nice thing making it a sticky. If poster *now* ignore it they're doing it on purpose
    Best Regards,

    The way I see it... Well, it's all pretty blurry
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