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SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
Alright, I am playing with raw input devices and have hit a roadblock that makes no sense to me. When I attempt to register the device, I get error 87, which I was told means "invalid parameter". I checked on the MSDN and my parameters are correct, so I am stumped. I am trying to get this to work with a local window that I created using "CreateProcess". When it wouldn't work with that window, I started trying other windows, such as Notepad windows and even games, and nothing will register! I was hoping somebody here could help me figure out if the function itself is completely broken in VS2005.
//Setup the raw input device flags
memset(&ridDevice, 0, sizeof(RAWINPUTDEVICE));
ridDevice.usUsagePage = 1;
ridDevice.usUsage = 6;
ridDevice.dwFlags = RIDEV_INPUTSINK;
ridDevice.hwndTarget = hwndTarget;

//Attempt to register the raw input device
if(RegisterRawInputDevices(&ridDevice, 1, sizeof(RAWINPUTDEVICE)) == 0)
return false;
That is my configuration process. No matter what window-handle I pass to this thing, it fails to register. What gives?


Figured out one problem. Upon checking the window-handle I was getting and passing to it, it was NULL. I use "EnumWindows()" to enumerate all windows and compare their process IDs to the one I have for the process that I created, and then use that window-handle.

Here's where it gets odd. My process ID is valid, verified by looking for the process ID by executable. I find my executable in the process-list and it has the same ID, but when enumerating through all the windows, not a single window has that ID! I am completely lost at this point. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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