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Sending a Webpage/URL in EMAIL BLASt

sublime5osublime5o Member Posts: 4
We are using Emma for our email blasting and we would like to be able to send actual webpages/URLS through in those email blasts. I know there must be a way to do it. Emma does not have a solution though. All i have to work with is a template that you can through html and some programming into... Any suggestions?


  • bradwangbradwang Member Posts: 197
    Cann't you use HTML in the body? And make the email type to HTML?

    This way, user will be receiving a HTML email which I think is what you wanted.

    You can contact me if you want such a solution.

    [color=Green][size=1][b]Brad Wang - .NET Freelancer from China
    Skype: brad_wang[/b][/size][/color]
  • tossy08tossy08 Member Posts: 31
    Yeah, I agree with bradwang, make the email type to HTML.... I'm sure it will work.
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