How can i created exe file?

Im new using VB 2008 express ediction, are there any way to create a exe file using the express ediction? I have been trying , it only works in my PC (VB and .Net framework installed) if i test it in other pc it does not work.



  • Hi! I am also quite new to Visual Basic 2008, but i have had it for a year and began programming with it and other (like c++, etc) for a half year now. You are wondering how to make an exe file... Well.

    Check this out:

    or just ... click start, run and type in "iexpress.exe".

    You could also use another program, but then you have to download it. It is really great, i have it. It is called "InstallCreator" and you can get it for free by searching for it on f.eks.!

    Sincerely, F2army :D :D
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