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makkamakka Posts: 1Member

I'm having a problem to write a polynom in pascal.

I want to use a array.
E.g. consider a polynoom y = a + bx + cx2 + dx3 , then we can store a, b, c and d in array.
I have to write a program where I get the value of y as x runs of - 1 up to 1 with steps of 0.1.
The user must fill a polynoom of the tenth degree or lower.
Care for a beautiful output.


  • evangozalievangozali Posts: 4Member
    How about:
    [code]var arr: array[0..10] of real;
    n, i, j: integer; y: real; x: real;
    read(n); //the maximum degree of the polynom
    for i:= 0 to n do
    for i:= -10 to 10 do begin
    x:= i/10;
    y:= arr[n];
    for j:= n-1 downto 0 do begin
    y:= y * x;
    y:= y + arr[j];
    writeln('x = ',x:0:1,' y = ',y:0:1);
    Here I use the i-th array to store the coefficient of x^i.
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