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trim path PLEASE HELP newbie

findepterfindepter Posts: 5Member
Hi all, I'm a newbie so please forgive me if i mess this up :-)
I am working on a new vb app in vb 2008 that works of a database. What i want to do is store a short image path to the database field (the picture is displayed on a vb form.)
Anyway, i can get the full path of the picture but i want to crop it to just everything AFTER the appication.startuppath, IE:

I get image path as: C:UsersmeDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projectsmydbapppicturelocalimage1.jpg
I then store this in a textbox, now i want to retrieve everything EXCEPT the application path which in this case is 'C:UsersmeDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projectsmydbapp' so i just get
The application path will change once it is rolled out hence i just store the short image path in the db and manually add application.startuppath in code so as it will always work (in theory!!)
PLEASE HELP ME ASAP, i have googled all day and not been able to solve it.

Many thanks in anticipation of your answer


  • dokken2dokken2 Posts: 532Member
    I don't have VS-2008, but can use string functions to find your project path. Since you know the FullPath from Application.Startuppath and I assume the Visual Studio path will not change, you can determine what string is "at the end of the visual studio path".

    'define the visual studio path
    Const VSpath = "C:UsersmeDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projectsmydbapp"
    Dim FullPath As String
    Dim AppPath As String

    'fullpath = application.startuppath
    FullPath = "C:UsersmeDocumentsVisual Studio 2008Projectsmydbapppicturelocalimage1.jpg"

    Dim CharPos As Integer
    'determine start of characterposition of vspath within the fullpath
    CharPos = InStr(FullPath, VSpath)
    'add length of vspath
    CharPos = CharPos + Len(VSpath)
    'extract your apppath from within the fullpath
    AppPath = Mid(FullPath, CharPos, Len(FullPath))
    MsgBox AppPath
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