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Setting the path for Command-Line builds Visual C++2008

AdockAdock Member Posts: 3
I'm new to the Visual C++ 2008 IDE, and at the command line.
I'm running Windows XP-Pro.

I want to know how to set the path to work from the command line?
I have the Microsoft help files; that tells me I have to run a
vcvars32.bat file, at the command prompt, by changing to the in
subdirectory, and typing VCVAR32.

I know how to open the command prompt from the tools menu; but
after that I'm at a loss.

Could you give me a step by step guide as to how to perform
this action?

I did do a search, and found posts concerning visual C++ 2005,
with hardly any answers that are comprehensible to me.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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