TCommonDialog- how do one extend/subclass TCommonDialog

Hello, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I'm not following certain guidelines.

I am looking to create a dialog like TOpenDialog in C++ Builder 6, and I trying to make a new class that inherits from TCommonDialog. Does anyone know how to start this? I tried to create a new component project that inherits from TCommonDialog but it creates a non-visual project setting and I want to be able to add buttons, placed them, etc. I guess in many ways, I want to know how they create TOpenDialog, TSaveDialog, TPringDialog, etc from TCommonDialog so I can create something similar. I thought of using TForm to create my dialog but I want to be able to return an integer after the user clicks on a button. I'm trying to create something like MessageBox without the annoying beep when it pops up. Please help.
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