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Using TextOut() to align positive & negative numbers

Sonx_hvn7Sonx_hvn7 Member Posts: 54
I'm trying to align a number of floating point values using TextOut() function but not winning because i use it in a loop to display various numbers passed to it as strings i.e ... "35.78". Problem is these floating numbers can either be positive or negative... TextOut uses coordinates meaning the '-' sign forms part of the coordinate x:y, which pushes the number following the sign a little far to the right i.e if i display "-3.56" below 3.56 using the same coordinates, the numbers won't be aligned nicely... With printf() one can use formatted output such as "%-20lf" and so forth...

Is there a way i can achieve this? I believe i may opt to use a number designated function like SetDlgItemInt().. but need one for floating numbers
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