8 bit c compiler anyone?


I have some old C code that runs on a hand held terminal, that I need to tweek and recomplie.

Currently under VC I am getting errors regarding code that is no longer in DOS.H, for example:

uses undefined union 'REGS'
uses undefined struct 'SREGS'

I have tried compiling using older compilers like Turbo c and Watcom but still no joy.

I contacted the manufacturers who tell me that I need [b]an 8 bit c compiler[/b].

Does anyone know how far back version wise I would need to go for it to be 8 bit?

I will be installing it on a Windows 98 machine.

Many thanks for any help.



  • There was never a 8-bit PC. DOS was made for 16-bit x86 CPUs, so for DOS.h you normally need a 16-bit DOS compiler. However, DOS.h is not standard C and may be different for each and every compiler. Someone might have made their own version of DOS to their specific 8-bit architecture etc.

    Since none of it is standard ISO C, the code simply isn't portable. You will most likely have to rewrite parts of it.
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