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Mouse Down Event

CitizenOlekCitizenOlek Posts: 53Member

I have a PictureBox on a Form that increments a value when the Mouse Button is pressed, using the PictureBoxes MouseDown Event! Is there a way to detect if the Mouse Button is being held down and thereby to continuously increment that value until the user releases the Mouse Button?.


  • CitizenOlekCitizenOlek Posts: 53Member
    What I needed here was a Timer Event!
    I'd forgotten about that!

    Works great now.
  • patrickWpatrickW Posts: 1Member
    : What I needed here was a Timer Event!
    : I'd forgotten about that!
    : Works great now.
    Just what I need. Please let us see how you have done it.

  • CitizenOlekCitizenOlek Posts: 53Member
    I pulled a Timer Control from the Toolbox.
    Gave it a name that associated it with my PicBox.
    ex: if the PicBox is pbMoreGold - then timer is tmrMoreGold.
    Using the Mouse Down event of the PicBox I Enable the associated timer.
    In the Timer event I increment my value - More Gold.
    (I'm writing a Game of Conquest)
    The value continues to increment every time the Timer fires.
    Until the Timer shuts off when we detect MouseUp in the PicBox

    I even got fancy with it so that the incrementing goes faster the longer you hold down the Button. Why kept the User waiting? Right?

    Hope that answers that!
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