log when explorer opens a folder

Hi. I am trying to figure out a non-invasive way to log when Windows Explorer opens a folder via double-click. I am trying to create a simple utility to reopen the last folder Explorer opened. I already have a shell extension that sort of does what I want but it requires the user to explicitely add folder(s) to an MRO list via the Context Handler. What I'd like to do is just keep a list of maybe the last dozen or so folders Explorer opened so a user can right click a Tray Icon and reopen a folder. The idea is to eliminate the frustration of drilling way down deep in the directory structure to open a folder in Explorer, then as soon as you close the window, you realize you have to go back(don't know why it isn't built in to the OS but it seems like something that should be possible.)

I thought of substituting my own app using a reg key but then I figure if I externally run Explorer, if the user has "open in same window" selected in options it would probably open in a separate window and be annoying.

I haven't been able to find anything on any forums or MSDN that isn't just monitoring a specific folder.

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