timers or frequancy (stepper motors)

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  • The reason for this is called Windows.

    Windows is no real-time operative system. It cannot deliver high-precision timers. Windows timers are notorious for their poor performance. The definition of a Windows timer is one using the WM_TIMER event, and the timer in Borland Builder does this.

    There are tricks to make Windows behave better, for example you can use a high-priority thread instead of a Windows timer and get somewhat better resolution, but still, you can never count on any real-time performance.

    The serious approach is to use a real-time system instead of a PC. You can get a slow, dull little 8-bit microcontroller made in the 70s, running at 1MHz, to completely embarress the performance of a brand new dual-core-gigahertz-mumbo-jumbo processor excuting Windows at any time.
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