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Changing CDocuments

TrufauxTrufaux Member Posts: 7
Hello all,

I am updating code written in VC++ 6. I need to add a couple fields to my RecordListItem class. Now, of course, my code is no longer backwards compatible.

BOOL CMyProgDoc::OnOpenDocument( LPCTSTR lpszPathName )
if ( ! CDocument::OnOpenDocument( lpszPathName ) )
return false; //Here, I get an "Unexpected File Format" message.

How does one normally add fields? Where do I tell my CDocument what format to expect? The last non-Microsoft code invoked before the failure seems to be

void RecordList::Serialize( CArchive& ar )
CObList::Serialize( ar );

What does serialize do?

Any help would be useful. Thanks in advance.
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