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Novice help in VB

jrod_76jrod_76 Member Posts: 1
create a window large enough to properly display a game.
Display a 9x9 grid onto the screen.
The player will have the first and all odd-numbered turns, alternating the color in the square which is clicked.
The computer has the second and all even-numbered turns, alternating the color in a random square.
There is no win condition; the game continues indefinitely.

How can I do this? can someone explain step by step so I can learn this thanks in advance

I installed visual Studio 2005 Pro Academic also sql server 2005 developer
To test the installation of the IDE, you will write a simple program. Due to the fact that it would be useful to create the barest of infrastructures for RoboaTacToe, you will write a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game.
I was told if I could do this then I could write in Visual Basic help would be appreciated

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