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Free webserver for online games

twistedhtwistedh Member Posts: 1
I currently have a intel pentium duo (powerful) 2gig RAM 400gig HDD with cpanel installed on a 100mb/sec dedicated port worth about $900/month i am not really using.

as i have a background in game development myself i thought i would offer this for use by people that need it for testing or hosting. i will be glad to help if needed i specialise in server technology html and server management.

root access is possible to trusted people and with my skills im sure i can help with the game in other ways too if required. please let me know or email me at or here if you would like to be on the server.

PS the bandwith on the server can handle up to 800 users on a 3d game which im sure the processor will die before the bandwith does. you can also test how much server load and bandwith the game uses so you know what technology you need for it. i have software installed into my network to test this for you.


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