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Looking for a better mousetrap

bxdobsbxdobs Member Posts: 1
I have been Programming everything from micro controllers to enterprise databases for 30+ years and still looking for a better mousetrap ... I only wish the 4GL language I have been using in AIX for the past 10 years could be available in the Windows world at a reasonable price < $1K US ... Having used Borland's C++ opp products in the mid 90's left me with a bad taste for overzealous Sales pitches ... so am very leary about claims being made that Delphi is the best ... but here I am looking for some feedback from those in the know.

I used to Develop in FoxPro back in the DOS era but was sad to hear MS has discontinued this product. Have spent the last few years trying to maintain a poorly written Access app along with creating a few new ones of my own but have found that the mdb files are easily corrupted across a network with mutiple users. Playing around with the Free Version of MS's SQL Server looks promising ... so now looking for a Front End product that won't kill my pocket book out of the box and also won't take a lifetime to learn all the quirks.

Ultimately I am looking for a simple to use development product that will alow me to quickly generate royalty free exe's capable of updating an SQL Server Schema from multiple locations on a small network. My current situation has 7 work stations on a peer to peer network running Office 2k3 Access apps. The app I am designing could be done in access but seriously looking for other options.

Thank you for your time.

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