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New to C#: how to interact with ext apps

pinscherpinscher Posts: 1Member
To start with : I'm new to C# and .Net but not to programming. I've read the C# school book on programmers heaven so the basic is not a problem but I have not understood how to interact with other programs.

Say for ex that I wish to monitor whe something happends in application X and then perform something in application Y. Like if somebody opens the calculator and word and then execute a calculation in the calculator. How do I get hold of the input and result of the calculation and how to put it into word (not by just opening a document with IO)?

I've searched this forum and other C# forums for posts of interest but it not really gotten hold of any.

Any help would be highly appreciated, getting me on the track faster.


  • JonathanJonathan Posts: 2,914Member

    There may be something for doing this in the .Net framework; if there is, I expect it will be in System.Windows.Forms. Otherwise, you're back to working directly with the Win32 API. There's an article on how to call those from C# here:

    I don't know the Windows API well enough to tell you what you're looking for, though I remember the API FindWindow or FindWindowEx is maybe a starting point to getting the handle on the window you want...


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