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mp3 program help

swordfish44swordfish44 Member Posts: 1
ok not sure if i`m in the right area but any help would be great. looking for information on what software is need for making an mp3 program complete. i have some programing skills but it has been a long time. any help would be great thank.


  • bosebonasbosebonas Member Posts: 87
    maybe the mp3 norm is not of the most difficult to implement,but i can tell you its not that easy.
    You will need some strong background in DSP for things like Fast Fourier Transforms,Discrete cosine transform and others.
    You may get a look at this article by Rassol Raissi:
    It will help enlighten you.
    Good luck.
    P.S:If you plan writting an mp3 player in basic,then be ready for some slow
    software,except you declare all of your variables before you use them and also do some code optimisation.
    I have never tried but i think it will be quite slow.try a language like C or better C++.You may even you a free library such as LAME to do mp3 decoding.

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