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rfid reader serially

i found this source code from net. i am using ti to read my rfid reader through serial port. it works on 19200 baudrate, 1 stop bit, 8 bit data
what changes should i make to this programm to hav it run correctly on my pc??

#define COM1 0
#define DATA_READY 0x100
#define SETTINGS ( 0x80 | 0x02 | 0x00 | 0x00) [color=Red][/color]/*here i think baudrate has to be changed , what is the code for 19200?
int main(void)
int in, out, status;
bioscom(0, SETTINGS, COM1); /*initialize the port*/
cprintf("Data sent to you: ");
while (1)
status = bioscom(3, 0, COM1); /*wait until get a data*/
if (status & DATA_READY)
if ((out = bioscom(2, 0, COM1) & 0x7F) != 0) /*input a data*/
if (kbhit())
if ((in = getch()) == 27) /* ASCII of Esc*/
bioscom(1, in, COM1); /*output a data*/
return 0;


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