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cannot run test program while cross compiling.

ac.c.2k7ac.c.2k7 Member Posts: 2
Hi All,

While doing the cross compilation of pkg_config for directFB for MIPS
target from i86 platform, i am getting the following error.
"checking for extra flags to get ANSI library prototypes... configure:
error: cannot run test program while cross compiling."
Can any body help in this regard?

Thanks in advance.


  • LundinLundin Member Posts: 3,711
    Identical post in the main forum deleted. Please avoid double-posting.
  • bosebonasbosebonas Member Posts: 87
    I am not an expert in cross compilation,but i think its impossible that
    the program runs since itv has been compiled for another platform from the one it was compiled on.Please take the compiled code to its target platform and try to run.It should work.
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