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Menues and switch-statements

kasmot015kasmot015 Posts: 2Member
Please can any one help me how to make a program that uses switch statement
for example subject that i use is games, then in games there are 6 menus (#1,#2,#3,#4,#5)the #1 is for PC game #2 is xbox etc. #5 for exit.. then when you choose #1(PC game) some pc games will appear, and when you choose other menus like #2(xbox) some games for xbox will appear... please plese please can someone help meeeeeee!!!!

i dont know how to do ths program, ^_^ lol

Thank You !!


  • LundinLundin Posts: 3,711Member
    Changed the topic titles to "Menues and switch-statements". Please avoid topics like "help please help".

    As for the question itself, the program is basically like this:

    - Print the menu. printf().
    - Ask the user for input. scanf("%c").
    - Check the user input. switch-statement.
    - Do something depending on the choise. case inside the switch-statement.

    And that's it. If you don't know how to do a particular part of it, please ask a specific question about that. Nobody here will write the whole program for you.
  • kasmot015kasmot015 Posts: 2Member
    OK thanks Lundin ^_^
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